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Common Hearing Myths

Learn all the facts and dispel all the myths about hearing health.

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If I had a problem with my hearing, I would notice it.

That is not always the case. A hearing loss can develop gradually over a long period of time. The problem may be subtle enough that we don’t even realize it’s happening and we adjust to the hearing impairment – it becomes normal. A hearing test can tell us for certain whether or not we have a hearing loss issue.

It's not my hearing, people are just mumbling.

It’s very common for a person with hearing loss to feel that people are mumbling. If you think people are mumbling, you should contact your Audiologist for a hearing test.

Once I get hearing instruments, my hearing will be normal again.

Hearing instruments help to improve hearing. While they cannot restore hearing or make your hearing perfect again, they can maximize what hearing you have left and really improve your quality of life. Hearing instruments are only one part of the rehabilitation process that you and your Audiologist will develop.

Eliminating background noise won't be a difficulty for my hearing instrument.

Even people without a hearing loss can have difficulty making sense of what someone is saying in a noisy environment. A person’s actual hearing loss and their hearing instruments will determine how well they can filter out background noise. The benefits will vary depending on the severity of the hearing loss, the type of hearing instrument selected and how frequently the hearing devices are worn.

A hearing loss means that sounds aren't loud enough anymore.

There can be many symptoms associated with hearing loss. Sounds not being loud enough is only one symptom; conversations that are muffled is another. People with hearing loss may also have difficulty tolerating loud sounds, but other factors are at play. Determining what someone is saying in a crowded environment or during group conversations might be problematic. People might always seem to be mumbling or maybe their words seem to run together. There can be many symptoms associated with hearing loss.

People that wear hearing instruments stand out because the devices are so big & ugly.

That may have been true once but technology has improved significantly over the years. Your Audiologist can assist you in finding the appropriate devices for your hearing loss that are also very discreet and comfortable to wear.

If someone wears hearing instruments it's because they're getting old.

Hearing loss can occur at any age. In fact, one in four Canadians report being impacted by some form of hearing loss.

I don't think my type of hearing loss can be made better.

Hearing instruments or amplification can help almost 95% of people with a hearing loss. There are so many options available and technology has greatly improved to the point that there are answers available for people who’ve been told their case is hopeless. Advances in technology mean that for people with nerve deafness there are now many possible solutions. These advances have been made in the last few years so it’s important to see if you can be helped.

My doctor would have told me if I had a hearing loss.

A doctor doesn’t always check for hearing loss. In fact, only 16% of physicians make an examination for hearing loss a routine part of a physical check-up for their patients. Because physicals often take place in the quiet atmosphere of an office, a hearing loss might not be obvious to a doctor.

Quality hearing instruments are unaffordable.

Computerization and the development of high level technology have made hearing instruments more accessible to everyone. There is a large selection of hearing instruments available with prices ranging depending on the level of technology selected.

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