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Our Sounds+ Audiologists are dedicated to improving the quality of lives of those with hearing loss, through accurate diagnoses, individualized treatment plans, counseling, and extensive follow-up care.

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Sounds+ is a not-for-profit professional network of audiologists across Canada. Our focus is to provide a professional support network for audiologists, to host and champion educational opportunities related to hearing health & rehabilitation (including our annual conference), and to educate the public and other health professionals about the importance of hearing health care & audiology.


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We can help with your hearing health by putting you in touch with a Sounds+ Audiologist, offering information about hearing health and hearing loss, finding a solution if hearing problems arise, providing expert knowledge about hearing instruments and related technology, and offering counseling for those coping with hearing loss.

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Sounds+ Annual Conference

Save the Date 2025!

The Sounds+ Conference is returning to Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 23 and 24, 2025.

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